Drop Everything? But of course, darling!

Believe it or not, it's not always about ME, dears! There is an enormous team making sure I am brilliant, night after night. And for that, I am grateful, every day.
But among those who help DEADLY STAGES achieve it's accolades is one young man, Jonas Cohen. He understudies all the "Pants" roles in our little presentation. (If you've seen the show, you'll understand our gender-free distinction of whom he covers. If you haven't seen it yet, why not? Ticket options are posted below!)
As I said, Jonas is at the ready should Marvin, Graham, or Tony take ill. While I have not had the pleasure of performing across from him yet, I have full confidence in what he can bring to ALL those parts- He's that versatile!
(I should also mention we have an equally talented understudy in Sarah Ellis, who covers our "Skirts" roles. Both these kids bring so much to our company, it's humbling- and it's not often I feel humble!)
Even if you do not SEE Jonas each night at DEADLY STAGES, you still get to hear him, as he does our curtain speech with that amazing voice of his. His rich clear voice sets the tone for all the mayhem that follows.
But- Jonas is much more than a great voice and a pretty face! He is a baker extraordinaire as well! He has showered us in various confections, both sweet and savory, with items from his company, https://dropeverythingbiscuitcompany.com/ 
And of course, he's making news for it! Once you've bought your tickets for the show, click on this link to learn more about his biscuit journey! And then click on his site, to buy your biscuits! You can thank me later!
See you on the Rialto, loves...

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